Nehemiah Autism Center

Addis Ababa  Ethiopia

REACh-Families is a supporter Nehemiah Autism Center.  

In August 2010 Nehemiah Autism Center received a license from Charities and Societies Agency, and rented a house to work with children and families affected by autism. It is non-profit and a non-governmental organization. At this time the center is helping and treating over 25 children with autism. The founders plan to open a branch next year to reach more children who are left at home because there are no extra centers to accommodate them.

The center has been intervening by
* Receiving children with autism and train them in the  Center
*Creating awareness to parents and to the community through various methods.
* Train caregivers and parents by volunteers from local and abroad by special need experts.
* advise to donors and government officials that this problem is sever and there are so many that are unreached and neglected.
Treating and teaching is FREE. The center will not charge a fee for treating these children. Out of all the children with autism the center plans to accept, 60% of the children will be from low income families. The center will only accept contributions from parents willingly.
it will also provide transportation free of charge for these families to send their children to the center due to the reason that it is difficult to use public transport for these kinds of children.

The Vision of the Center
Nehemiah Center aspires to see every ASD child is cared for, parents of ASD children are supported and professionals know how to manage ASD.

The Mission of the Center 
Nehemiah Center’s mission is to provide care, instruction and support for children with autism and related disabilities - promoting cognitive, emotional and relational growth through individualized programs, while providing counseling and support to parents, especially mothers as they deal with these particularly difficult challenges; teaching the parents to become active participants in their child’s education and development; and finally, to raise public awareness of the nature and prevalence of Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Addis Ababa


More information;
Telephone +251911012652/+251911200974/+251118963640