Red Flags of Autism

Impaired in Social Interaction
Lack of appropriate eye gaze
Lack of warm, joyful expressions
Lack of sharing interest or enjoyment
Lack of response to name

Impairment in Communication
  • Difficulties making eye contact or using it to regulate social interactions
  • Tend to look and listen less to people in their environment or fail to respond to other people
  • Rarely seek to share their enjoyment of toys or activities by pointing or showing things to others
  • Demonstrate difficulty or inconsistency in responding to their name or other verbal attempts to gain their attention
  • May not exhibit or be slow to develop nonverbal communication such as gestures like pointing, waving, clapping etc.
  • Demonstrate delays in language or inconsistent use of language skills
  • Repeat words or phrases that they hear, or what is known as echolalia

Repetitive Behaviors & Restrictive Interests:
Repetitive movements with objects
Repetitive posturing of body , arms, hands or fingers 
  • May demonstrate an intense focus on certain objects or activities
  • Demonstrate motor mannerisms, such as flapping hands or repeatedly bouncing up and down
  • Engage in sensory seeking behaviors
  • Sensitivity to noise or other sensory sensations (touch, auditory, visual, taste)
  • May engage in repetitive play such as spinning the wheels on a toy car instead of using it how is was intended to be used.

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