REACh Families
Reaching East African Children and Families 
Families Raising Children with Special Needs

REACh Families is a support group for families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area raising children with special needs.Most families in the group are of East African origin. The purpose of the support group is to encourage, support and advocate for families and their children with disabilities. 

We feature monthly speakers to provide parents information to empower and enable them to effectively advocate for their children. It will also allow parents to share experiences, resources and support each other.  

Monthly Meetings Schedule (2nd Sunday of each month)

      Location: Ethiopian Evangelical Baptist Church 

                      2822 S. Jupiter Rd

                      Garland TX 75014

                      (214) 703-0100

November  9,2014 : The ARD Agenda 

                                 Leah Seyoum-Tesfa, RN

December 14, 2014: Holiday Family Dinner

                                  Family Gathering and Social Event

January 25 , 2015  The Unplanned Journey, Raising  a Child with Special Needs

                               Speakers: Parents


February 22, 2015:  Father's Event; Introductions

March 2015: Spa Event for Mothers: King Spa & Sauna 

                                                      2154 Royal Lane TX 75229 


                                                       Sunday Option:March 8, 2015 (after 12 noon-midnight)

                                                       Saturday Option March 14, 2015 (12 noon-midnight) 

March 2015: Fathers Event  (TBD)

April 12, 2015:  Behavior Summer program

May 10, 2015  Biomedical interventions


June 2015 : Hawaiian Falls TBD

July 12. 2015  Spa Event

August 2015 Hawaiian Falls TBD


The REACh Families Outreach project is funded in part by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD). TCDD awards funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: $9903 (75%) federal funds and $3340 (25%) non federal funds.

We are very grateful for their support in helping us accomplish our goals in reaching  out to more families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.